Claim Covid-19 Related Working From Home Tax Rebate

Are you an employee who has worked from home (even for just a day) since April 2020? Are you being reimbursed by your employer for working from home costs? If not, you are entitled to claim tax relief on a flat rate of £6 a week for the whole year. While over 2 million have now claimed this tax rebate, there are many who still have yet to claim – if you claim now, you may well receive your full year’s tax refund in your March pay – a nice little ‘end of the tax year’ bonus!
A basic rate taxpayer will receive a tax rebate of £62.40 for the year, and a higher rate taxpayer will receive £124.80. If you don’t file self assessment tax returns, you can claim your tax rebate via the HMRC website. You will need to have a personal tax account to make this claim online – if you have not got one set up you will be able to do this during the claim process. Those who file Self Assessment Tax Returns will not be able to use the online form – instead they need to make sure the expense is included in the employment pages of their 2021 tax return.